St Damian's is a place where every child has the opportunity to have fun through involvement in many different sports. The underlying principle which informs all sporting activity in the school is that each child should have the opportunity to play sport and that each child should also have the opportunity to represent the school in that sport if there is a school team and they are of the right age. Ability is not a factor which determines whether a child participate in a sport in the school. If a child wants to play then she/he plays. Principles of fairness and respect are paramount and all children and staff are asked to respect these principles.

Sports played include Spikeball, Hurling, Gaelic Football, Football, Athletics, Basketball, Tag Rugby, Olympic Handball, Chess, Swimming, Cycling, Ultimate Frisbee, Cricket, Table Tennis and Rounders.

Our aim is that each child leaves school at the end of their time here having had a very positive experience of sport which will encourage them to be involved in some sporting activity for the rest of their lives.