Shared Reading in St. Damian's

Strong Home/ School links are very important to us here in St. Damian's. Children benefit most with strong partnership between parents and the school community. Over the years, 'Shared Reading' has been a major aspect of strengthening the St. Damian's Community.

All classes from Junior Infants to Sixth Class take part in Shared Reading. Parents are invited in once or twice a week in the mornings to take part in Reading with their child's class. The whole aim of the Shared Reading in St. Damian's is to help build children's love of reading. It is informal and very often children will pick books they enjoy for Shared Reading. Through Shared Reading parents get to know their child's classmates and promote enjoyment of reading.

On alternate days children from Senior Classes pair up with children from Junior Classes. This builds the confidence of children and builds a strong, caring relationship between the children in St. Damian's.

All parents are always welcome to participate in Shared Reading in St. Damian's.